Monday, 10 September 2012 Reviews - Don't go by Fake Reviews by Spammers

On February 11 of this year a site calling itself created a fake review of the site, the products, the services, the business, and the people of The slanderous attack claimed the site with scores of satisfied client testimonials, and a client list including Multinationals, businesses / organisations large and small has no “credibility” and is a “scamming site.”

PapaChina would like to set the record straight for any and all prospective customers. The Chinese supplier and manufacturer of promotional products, hopes that you will join the FCC and the growing lobby for a web free from fake reviews. They hope to count on your support in ensuring this site and sites like it are delisted from Google, Yahoo and all the World’s search engines.

Whilst the FCC waits for senate approval for powers to punish fraudulent sites such as PapaChina is ramping up its campaign against the lies. Phonecalls, snail mail letters, every forms of correspondence has been ignored in request to take the malicious and fake review down. The scam site has blocked their comment feature meaning PapaChina customers cannot set the record straight.

PapaChina needs an army of those who want a web free of malicious fake reviews in order to irradicate traffic and profit generated through feeding lies to the public.

Would you like to join the fight and help PapaChina in their war?

What can you do to help win the fight?

Why would you like to join the fight, and make the web a safer place for people and businesses who have worked hard to earn their reputations?

The challenges to the buying public in trusting an online vendor are severe enough . According to Eileen Brown of Zednet’s April 25 article: “Consumers' purchase decisions are influenced by user generated online reviews.  The potential for posting fictitious reviews that sound authentic is causing concern. Deceptive opinion spam is a growing problem for the online review site communities.”

These reviews that are being created as if the person has used the service or product are  damaging the ability of customers like you to make the right buying decision, the public is being screwed by these false and fake reviews.

Let us see one of our customers video review:

If you are a blogger, if you like to comment, if you like to make the web a safe place, you can help. You may have found other scam and con artist style “fake review” websites, why not target them with your blogposts? Why not create awareness that they are not to be trusted, and make the search engines aware too. Drown out the lies, drown out the noise, and generate traffic for your blogs by smoking out the rats.

For evidence of the fake review, and to understand why PapaChina needs to go to war against them:

First please look to and then look to the review written by to see for yourself the total innacuracy and fakeness of the review.

From fabricated image at opening, to false statements about product quality when the writer clearly  demonstrates that they have never seen, touched, or researched any of the products they claim lack quality, to every word written, not a sentence of truth is made available to the reader.

PapaChina of course is waging this war out of self interest, but they hope their efforts will lead to the eradication of this threat to the positive culture of business on the web.

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Papachina Review - Is Scam or Legit? a promotional supplier company, which serves high quality products at low cost. Papachina helps businesses around the world to increase their business exposure and brand with their innovative promotional products. Their customer service is really awesome, this is the reason why they have lot of satisfied customers.

Let`s see one of satisfied customer review:-


Successful business apart from bringing profits it also bring good reputation. Spammers target such successful businesses to promote themselves. Now it`s time to stop those spammers and make internet free from them. For that we need to take some time and think twice before taking any wrong decision.

Here is another customer review :-

Papachina is the best for place if you`re trying to get good products on which you can TRUST!
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